1. What is the ingredient in Benefibre®?
    The only ingredient in Benefibre® is inulin, a 100% natural, soluble vegetable fibre.
  2. How is Benefibre® powder different than other bulk fibre supplements?
    Unlike some other bulk fibre supplements, Benefibre® is 100% natural, taste-free, dissolves completely in beverages* and soft foods, and won't thicken. Benefibre® has no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, and no added fillers.
  3. What is inulin?
    Inulin is a 100% natural soluble fibre that is extracted from the chicory root. Common green leafy lettuces, endive, and radicchio are also members of the chicory family. Unlike some fibre supplements, Benefibre® made with inulin dissolves completely in water and won't thicken.
  4. Are there any other ingredients besides inulin in Benefibre® powder?
    No, Benefibre® powder contains only inulin, a 100% natural vegetable fibre extracted from chicory root. There are no added fillers, sugar, artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners.
  5. What are other sources of inulin?
    Examples of commonly consumed foods containing inulin include wheat, onions, garlic, bananas, leeks, artichokes, and asparagus.
  6. What is the serving size for Benefibre® powder?
    The serving size of Benefibre® powder is 1 rounded teaspoon, with 3.2 grams total weight, providing 3 grams of fibre. So a serving of 2 teaspoons provides 6 grams of fibre.
    1. What is the recommended daily intake of fibre?
      The recommended daily value of fibre for Canadians is 25 - 35 grams of dietary fibre each day, however most people get less than half of that amount. Incorporating Benefibre® as part of a healthy diet can easily help to increase your fibre intake.
    2. How often can a person take Benefibre® powder?

      Suggested Servings: Adults: 1-2
      teaspoons up to 2 times daily. Children
      (6-12 years):Half the adult serving.

  7. Is Benefibre® powder flavoured?
    No. Benefibre® powder has no added flavours and can be used in most liquids (except carbonated beverages) and soft foods without changing the taste or texture.
  8. How many calories does Benefibre® powder provide?
    Benefibre® powder provides 5 calories per rounded teaspoon serving.
  9. Does Benefibre® contain fat or cholesterol?
  10. In what foods and beverages can Benefibre® powder be used?
    You can mix Benefibre® powder in any hot or cold beverage (such as water, coffee, or juice), soft foods (such as applesauce, pudding, or yogurt), or cook with it in recipes (for such foods as muffins, sauces, or soups). It will not affect the taste or consistency. Benefibre® powder is not recommended for carbonated or acidic beverages, and dissolves best in warm liquids.
  11. Does cooking with Benefibre® powder alter the effects of the product?
    No. You can add Benefibre® to recipes without altering the beneficial effects of the fibre and without changing the taste or consistency of the food.
  12. How long will Benefibre® stay fresh?
    Be sure to check the expiration date on each package before using. It is recommended to use all of the product within 6 months of opening to avoid clumping due to humidity.
  13. Are there any side effects associated with Benefibre®?
    As with all fibre supplements, the most common side effect of Benefibre® is mild flatulence. Less common side effects can include gastrointestinal pain or discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pressure with a sensation of fullness. If you experience side effects, try decreasing the amount of Benefibre® you are taking. Gradually adding fibre to your diet can help your body get used to it. Consult your doctor for advice if you continue to experience these effects.
  14. Is Benefibre® safe?
    Benefibre®is generally well tolerated by the body.
  15. Is Benefibre® powder manufactured and packaged in accordance with Health Canada Food & Drug regulations?
  16. Does Benefibre® bind with food?
  17. Can you take with medications?
    Benefibre® is a soluble dietary fibre supplement. It usually does not interfere with medications that can be taken with food. Medications that require an empty stomach should be taken as directed.
  18. Are there any foods or beverages that Benefibre® should not be mixed with?
    Benefibre® should not be mixed with carbonated or acidic beverages, because the carbonation prevents the fibre from dissolving well, and might also cause foaming. Otherwise, Benefibre® can be mixed with any beverage or soft food that allows it to dissolve. Please also note that Benefibre® is equally effective as a fibre supplement whether or not you wait for the powder to be fully dissolved.
  19. I added Benefibre® powder to food and put it into the refrigerator. Will the Benefibre® in that food still be OK if I eat it later?
    Yes, as long as the food is still fresh, the fibre content of Benefibre® is generally stable when combined with food products and should provide the same benefits.
  20. Can Benefibre® powder be eaten plain?
    No, Benefibre® powder should always be dissolved in a liquid or food.

*Not recommended for carbonated beverages.